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The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Veronica’



Netflix is generating plenty of buzz for their Spansish horror film Veronica, which was considered a “surprise” release in late February and is seriously freaking out people.

The movie is about a young woman attempting to protect her younger brother and sister from something sinister after she attempts to connect with the spirit of her dead father using a Ouija board ritual.

According to Blood Disgusting, the movie is based on true events that occurred in Madrid, Spain back in 1991.

Per the story, a teenage girl named Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro died mysteriously in August 1991 and her parents believed that he unexplained death was due to her playing with a Ouija board.

Before the young girl’s death one of her friends dies in a tragic motorcycle accident which motivating them to perform a seance in an attempt to make contact with him.

Surprisingly, the seance was performed at Estafania’s school and was interrupted by a nun before it could be completed; the nun reportedly broke the Ouija board.

After the seance Estafania’s life was turned into pure chaos.

She apparently was having seizures and bizarre hallucinations, with dark, shadowy figures swirling around her for months following the seance.

Despite the issues, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her and Estafania died in the summer of 91.

Her parents claim that the torment continued even after her death.

This story is that much more interesting because it’s the only time in Spain’s history that police filed a report stating that *they* had witnessed something paranormal, which is famously known in the country as the “Vallecas case”.

Police had responded to a call from the parents who claimed there was something evil within their home and upon arriving they heard loud noises and saw scratches on the walls and even claim that a photograph of Estafania caught fire inside its frame.

“In Spain it’s very popular, this story; as we say in the film, the only time a police officer has said he has witnessed something paranormal,” says Paco Plaza, director of ‘Veronica’. “And it’s written in a report with an official police stamp… it’s really impressive when you look at it.”

Check out the video below for the story behind the movie:


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Uncork’d Entertainment Drops Trailer for ‘The Darkness of the Road’



The Darkness of the Road

Uncork’d Entertainment has unveiled the brand new trailer for their brand new horror ‘The Darkness of the Road’ which will make it’s premier, just in time for the holiday season, on DVD and Digital on December 14th.

Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and starring Najarra Townsend, the film is about: “A single mother and her young daughter are driving on a desolate road in a moonless desert. After meeting a young female hitchhiker at a gas station, the mother realizes her daughter is missing. As they search for her, a merciless force begins to torment the two women, unraveling a world of terror they must survive if they are to discover the terrifying truth behind the daughter’s disappearance.”

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Hammer Films Forms Hammer Studios Ltd.



Hammer Films

Hammer Horror is synonymous with the horror genre in a way that not many brands are, with Hammer Film Productions behind the releases of a number of horror classics with their spins on iconic characters such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy.

Despite being in the horror game for as long as they have they are still churning out movies, some of which include ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Let Me In’ in recent years, and a now they are taking another step towards the future.

According to Variety, Hammer Films has teamed up with Network Distributing to form Hammer Studios Ltd.

Per the report: “The new entity will manage and control Hammer’s interests in its vast library of content such as “The Woman in Black” (2012), “Let Me In” (2010), “Dracula” (1958), “The Abominable Snowman” (1957) and “The Quatermass Experiment” (1953).”

“Hammer Studios will invest substantially both in restoration and new production development from both its owned and newly created IP.”

“This partnership is a really exciting opportunity to merge Hammer’s amazing library with Network’s infrastructure” according to a statement by Network Distributing’s Tim Beddows. Whilst we work our way through restoring its entire back catalogue for future generations’ enjoyment, we’re equally excited about the development of new productions from the Hammer canon.”

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ARROW December Lineup Includes ‘The Last Matinee’



The Last Matinee

Arrow Video has unveiled the December lineup of horror movies set to his their new subscription-based platform, which is available for subscribers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Among the films arriving to the platform include Maximiliano “Maxi” Contenti’s stylish neo-giallo love letter ‘The Last Matinee’, which made its US premiere at Panic Fest and screened at Sitges and the Cleveland International Film Festival. The movie will make its debut on ARROW on December 1st.

Here is the full press release:

ARROW Stories will be home to a number of exclusive extras this December. Extras for The Last Matinee include an interview with director Maxi Contenti and Killer Attractions: Maxi Contenti & Ricardo Islas in Conversation, a discussion between the film’s director and star Ricardo Islas, director of Frankenstein: Day of the Beast.

December 1 will see the arrival of The Last Matinee (UK/US/CA/IRE), Santa Sangre (US/CA), All the Colors of the Giallo (UK/US/CA/IRE), King Boxer (UK/US/CA/IRE), The Boxer from Shantung (UK/US/CA/IRE), Five Shaolin Masters (UK/US/CA/IRE), Shaolin Temple (UK/US/CA/IRE), Mighty Peking Man (UK/US/CA/IRE), Challenge of the Masters (UK/US/CA/IRE), Executioners of Shaolin (UK/US/CA/IRE), Dirty Ho (UK/US/CA/IRE), Heroes of the East (UK/US/CA/IRE), Chinatown Kid (UK/US/CA/IRE), The Five Venoms (UK/US/CA/IRE), Crippled Avengers (UK/US/CA/IRE), Apprentice to Murder (US), and Mill of the Stone Women (UK/US/CA/IRE).
December 1’s Seasonal offerings begin with The Sublime Gothic: Edgar Allan Poe adaptations, cursed crumbling castles, decaying minds and ancestral homes, mad untethered emotions and lashings of overwrought doom and mystery – we love to wallow in the sublime gothic at ARROW, and with The Mill of the Stone Women joining our ranks, this seemed the perfect opportunity for a season devoted to the wild, the tormented, the possibly haunted and the aching romance of all things deliciously dark and gothic.
Titles include: Mill of the Stone Women, Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Black Cat, and The Shiver of the Vampires.
Also bowing on December 1 is The Dark of the Matinee, inspired by The Last Matinee. A season full of thrills, chills, smiles, tears, scares and buckets of blood, with films from across the service that are set in the cinema or theatre, The Dark of the Matinee highlights the refuge that the cinema can be for us, but also all the scary things that could happen in there… once the lights go down.
Titles include: The Last Matinee, Blood Theater, Cinema Paradiso, and Tale of Cinema.
December 6’s Season delves deep into the land of monsters with the Kaiju Collection, the best selection of the biggest and baddest city, village and bad guy stomping giant monsters around. Whether it’s heartbroken and angry hundred-foot tall apes, world-saving friend to all children turtles, enormous injustice smiting stone warriors, or even a gaggle of freaky looking spirits – ARROW’s got it covered. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet as we unleash the Shaw Brother’s spin on King Kong: Mighty Peking Man; all of the spinning, flying and fire-breathing baddie battling Gamera’s adventures; the full trilogy of peasant protector Daimajin’s feudal fights for fairness; and the original three strange and spooky Yokai films, as well as the legendary Takashi Miike’s recent reboot.
Titles include: Mighty Peking Man, Gamera vs. Viras, Wrath of Daimajin, and 100 Monsters.
December 10th debuts Paranoia (US/CA), So Sweet so Perverse (US/CA), A Quiet Place to Kill (US/CA), and Knife of Ice (US/CA).
In the run-up to Christmas Day, ARROW offers up an absolute gift of a curated season to give your cheeks a warm and rosy festive glow. So open these presents early (we won’t tell), finish that drink, clear your throat and bust out your best carol-singing voice for our take on a yuletide classic starting December 14, The 12 Slays of Christmas:
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My ARROW gave to me: Twelve scissors slashing, Eleven cultists chasing, Ten ghosts a-waiting, Nine ladies loving, Eight men under tables, Seven creepy hotels, Six censors snipping, FIIIVE GWILL-I-AMS!, Four crawling guys, Three metalheads, Two cannibals, and a shunt into So-ci-e-ty!
Titles include: The Stylist, Threshold, A Ghost Waits, Jumbo, Man Under Table, Sleep, Video Nasties, Gwilliam, The Bloodhound, Heavy Trips, The Hills Have Eyes, and Society.
December 20 closes out 2021 with ARROW’s release of The Brian Lonano Collection, Volume 2. The second half of the lineup launches even more mind-breaking shorts from one of our most favorite ARROW contributors, Brian Lonano, onto the service. Get excited as for the second collection of his stability shredding shorts Brian takes you to insanity… and beyond! 8-bit beats-dropping moon ghosts, giant killer robots, interplanetary war, monsters, grooving in graveyards, Martian visions, Absinthe-fuelled spectral transmissions from beyond the veil, effed up funerals, experimental animation and even a head-thieving witch, hold on flipping tight as Brian Lonano is about to go off and we ain’t stopping him.
Titles include: 8bit Ghost Hop, Attackazoids!, Attackazoids, Deploy!!, Casket Climber Insect God, Electrical Skeketal, Martian Precursor, Welcome to Dignity Pastures, Memorial, Don’t Lose Your Head and The Transmission.
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