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‘The Shocking Truth’ Investigates The Real ‘Friday the 13th’ Murders

It’s hard to imagine that the iconic slasher franchise ‘Friday the 13th’ was loosely based on some sort of reality, but a Reelz show is exploring Finland’s “Lake Bodom murders” which are often referred to as “the real” ‘Friday the 13th.’

This week, Reelz Channel will release ‘The Shocking Truth’ which explores those very murders, and, according to the synopsis, fans are in for quite the tale.

“The Shocking Truth digs deep into notorious real-life murders and crimes and explores how Hollywood turned them into its most memorable thrillers. The behind-the-scenes stories of how these gruesome events became unforgettable movies is as fascinating as the true crimes themselves. Through cinematic re-enactments and exclusive interviews with the writers, directors and cast members, as well as the detectives, attorneys, and criminologists who investigated the actual crimes, we lay out a compelling story line — how despicable wrong doings became art, creating moments etched in our pop culture.”

“On June 5, 1960, at Bodominsky Lake, 15-year-old females, Maila Irmeli Björklund and Anja Tuulikki Mäki, and 18-year-old male, Seppo Antero Boisman, were killed while sleeping inside a tent by blunt force trauma to their heads from a stone.”

“The Shocking Truth: Friday the 13th” premieres on Reelz on Saturday April 28th at 9pm EST.

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