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Netflix has finally released the highly anticipates Cargo, starring Martin Freeman, over this weekend and we got a chance to check this film out last night.

Cargo throws you right into the desperate situation of a husband, wife, and baby as they are living (trying to stay alive) while on an old boat.

Rations are slim and life is dangerous for the trio and things take a turn for the worst when Andy (Freeman) comes upon an abandoned boat and decides to pillage it for rations and items.

During his exploration, Andy hears a noise coming from a door in the boat and quickly makes his escape from, what we assume to be, a zombie.

Kay, (Susie Porter), decides that she will explore the boat too, for whatever illogical reason, and she too encounters this zombie, only she is unable to escape from being bitten, and, infected.

This puts a timestamp on Kay’s life and marks as a turning point in the film as her eventual, and unavoidable death, thrusts both Andy and their daughter onto a different path of survival, now making their way towards a military hospital.

This forces the trio to leave the comfort and safety of their boat for the wild and unpredictable journey on land.

Kay eventually succumbs to her infection and now Andy and his daughter are forced to go it alone, but, things take an interesting twist after Andy starts feeling the effects of a bite he received from Kay during her downfall.

This is where the movie starts adding layers to the storyline, with tribes, additional characters, and a villain, Victor, all added to the mix.

Andy and his daughter come across various groups of people all taking their own approach to survival and all taking a different mindset.

While some, such as Victor, believe that the world will return to normalcy and are using this time to build a foundation of power, others, such as Lorraine (Caren Pistorius) seem to have already accepted their fate, and seem to project a miserable and defeated attitude.

Others, such as Thoomi (Simone Landers), prove to be resourceful, determined, strong, and heroic.

While Cargo has it’s points where it can drag a bit, it doesn’t take away from the overall story.

Zombie movies have been done too many times to count, but Cargo takes a fresh approach that doesn’t seem to put itself at the mercy of gore, brutality, and our typical zombie hoard.

Instead, Cargo focuses on the story of humanity and the tough choices that lie ahead, putting the importance, and focus, on making decisions that impact loved ones, even if it means putting your own life in danger.

Where Andy takes an “at any means necessary” approach to ensuring the safety of his daughter first, and himself, other families choose to accept their fate and take the path of suicide to avoid an infection.

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Cargo will likely have a long run on Netflix and shows off Netflix's renewed focus on the horror genre, and this particular film is an example of things trending in the right direction.
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Netflix Launches Trailer for Fourth Season of ‘Lucifer’



Netflix quickly snatched up the show ‘Lucifer’ when it was cancelled by Fox back in 2018, and a new trailer has arrived to help hype up the May 8th premier.

You can check out the trailer below:

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Blumhouse’s ‘Thriller’ Drops New Clip.



‘Thriller’, an upcoming thriller from Blumhouse, has dropped a brand new clip that gives you a glimpse into the film based in Compton that is heading to Netflix.

According to the synopsis:

“Thriller follows the story of an introverted young man named Chauncey Page who is sent to juvenile hall after he accidentally kills a young woman who is part of a group of tormentors that play a cruel prank on him. Years later he is released and is back for revenge — and blood — as Chauncey (Jason Woods) serves up some murderous karma as the group, now in high school, gets ready for Homecoming. Dressed in a hoodie and a menacing glare, he terrorizes them picks them off one by one.”

Additionally, the soundtrack of the film, produced by RZA, has been released and features tracks from some Wu Tang Clan members and some up-and-coming artists include the son of Ol Dirty Bastard.

Check out a clip from the film, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, below:

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Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ Gives Glimpse into Obsession for Perfection



When it comes to competition, some people just obsess with perfection, and while it can sometimes fuel success, Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ shows the dark side of such a fixation.

The under-the-radar film directed by Richard Shepard, is gaining more and more buzz with people discussing it as a potential best horror film of 2019.

Starring Allison Williams, Logan Browning, and Steven Weber, the film tells the story of:

“A troubled musical prodigy (Allison Williams) seeks out the new star pupil of her former school (Logan Browning) with shocking consequences in this elegant and terrifying suspense ride, the most buzzed-about movie at last year’s Fantastic Fest.”

It arrives on May 24th.

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