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When Evil Lurks When Evil Lurks


Plenty of buzz has built up for indie filmmaker Deniam Rugna‘s new horror ‘When Evil Lurks’ which is gearing up for it’s official arrival...

No One Will Save You No One Will Save You


When it comes to creature features, and more specifically alien invasion films, it can seem like virtually everything within the genre has been done...

The Offering The Offering


One of the free horror movies you can catch on-demand or perhaps a horror streaming platform is the Oliver Park directed film ‘The Offering’...

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The Devil on Trial


A brand new Netflix documentary is exploring the true story that inspired ‘The Conjuring 3’ and a new trailer has been released to give...

Living for the Dead


Hulu is gearing up for the premier of their new series based on paranormal investigators and their investigations called ‘Living for the Dead’ which...

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Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat


After over a year of anticipation and excitement, the new Mortal Kombat movie finally arrived last week in theaters and on HBO Max. For...

Saint Maud Saint Maud


Personally speaking, Rose Glass’ debut horror film ‘Saint Maud’ was one of the films I was most looking forward to in 2020. Then, the...

Wrong Turn Wrong Turn


Once of the cult classic horror films during the early 2000s was Rob Schmidt’s horror ‘Wrong Turn’ which released in 2003 and while it...

Possessor Possessor


Ahead of it’s arrival on Hulu, I thought it was a good time to provide the review of Brandon Cronenberg’s critically acclaimed mind-bender ‘Possessor’,...

skins skins


Netflix has a good selection of horror movies in their vast content library, and often times there are obscure films that you simply would...

Triggered Triggered


Triggered places a group of “Friends” in the middle of a wooded area and forces them into a Saw/Lord of the Flies scenario. Many...