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A24 Men A24 Men


Alex Garland’s film ‘Men’, which was released by A24 earlier this year, is now available for digital purchase with a pricetag of $19.99 in...

paranormal activity paranormal activity


The 8th installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise is reportedly eyeing a release sometime in 2023, according to producer Jason Blum who discussed the...

Jaws Jaws


What would summer be without the King of All Shark Horror Movies, Steven Spielberg’s classic ‘Jaws’, and a new trailer has dropped as the...

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Hulu celebrated the highly anticipated release of Dan Trachtenberg’s ‘Prey’ which offered a brand new take on the iconic Predator franchise, while also, hopefully,...

Saw: The Experience

Haunted Places

If you are looking for an immersive escape room horror experiences then you surely will be interested in taking a look at London’s ‘Saw:...


Thanks to ‘Bloody Disgusting’ you can catch a sneak peek, via a quick clip, of Living Space, directed by Steven Spiel and starring Andy McPhee, Emma Leonard, and Jolene...