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Halloween Ends Halloween Ends


The conclusion to David Gordon Green’s trilogy ‘Halloween’ is set to begin when ‘Halloween Ends’ makes it’s official premier in theaters and on the...

Smile Smile


For those who are anticipating the release of the brand new horror ‘Smile’ a brand new and final trailer has arrived to give you...

Deleter Deleter


A brand new teaser trailer has dropped for Philippines director Mikhail Red’s new horror ‘Deleter’ which is reportedly planning to hit film festivals taking...

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The Winchesters


The CW is dropping a brand new series ‘The Winchesters’, which is a prequel to their long-running popular series ‘Supernatural’, that is set to...



Hulu has dropped a brand new trailer for their reimagining of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror classic ‘Hellraiser’, directed by David Bruckner, which is set...

allegoria allegoria


When sitting down to take in Spider One’s film ‘Allegoria’, which is a collection of creepy tales, I was excited to see the different...

prey prey


Hulu celebrated the highly anticipated release of Dan Trachtenberg’s ‘Prey’ which offered a brand new take on the iconic Predator franchise, while also, hopefully,...

a24 x a24 x


A24 has earned a reputations for putting out some unique horror movies, and made waves with their classics such as ‘Hereditary’ and ‘Midsommar’, but...