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The Walking Dead: Dead City The Walking Dead: Dead City


A brand new series is heading to ‘The Walking Dead’ franchise, and this spinoff will be focused on Negan and Maggie, two character who...

Copenhagen Cowboy Copenhagen Cowboy


Netflix has dropped a brand new trailer for it’s neon-drenched noir series ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ which is directed by Nicholas Winding Refn and is set...

Chucky Chucky


Ahead of the season 2 finale of their series ‘CHUCKY’, SYFY is airing an all-day marathon of all the ‘Child’s Play’ movies today, leading...

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Dylan's New Nightmare


For fans of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ a brand new fan film called ‘Dylan’s New Nightmare’ is on the way courtesy of Womp...



The second season of ‘Chucky’ is set to come to a close next week, and while the season finale arrives on Thanksgiving Eve the...

Barbarian Barbarian


HBO Max is now streaming Zach Cregger’s horror ‘Barbarian’, starring Justin Long, Bills Skarsgard, and Georgina Campbell, which initially released back on September 9th...