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Agent Elvis Agent Elvis


Netflix has dropped a brand new trailer for their new adult animated series ‘Agent Elvis’ where the King of Rock and Roll battles dark...

Viking Wolf Viking Wolf


Norway’s first prominent werewolf movie, directed by Stig Svendsen, ‘Viking Wolf’s is set to make it’s official arrival on Netflix this Friday, and a...

The Strays The Strays


A brand new trailer has arrived for Netflix’s new original horror movie ‘The Strays’, from directory/writer Nathaniel Martello-White, which is set to arrive on...

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Invoking Yell


A brand new trailer has arrived for director Patricio Valladares’ new black metal found footage horror ‘Invoking Yell’ which comes to you via Vallastudio...

Living with Chucky


A brand new documentary is making it’s premier on Screambox following an impressive run on the festival circuit, as ‘Living With Chucky’ will arrive...