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Tales From Candleforth Tales From Candleforth


Feardemic and Under the Bed Games’ new folk horror title ‘Tales From Candleforth’, which was named ‘Game of the Year’ at Indie Games Málaga...

Funko Fusion Funko Fusion


Funko and 10:10 Games have announced that they are joining forces for a brand new video game called ‘Funko Fusion’ and a brand new trailer...

Friday the 13th: The Game – Resurrected Friday the 13th: The Game – Resurrected


One of the unfortunate circumstances of the years-long legal battle between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller regarding the rights to Friday the 13th/Jason Voorhees...

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Terrifier 3


Just in time for Halloween season, Art the Clown will be making his slashing return in the upcoming horror slasher ‘Terrifer 3’ which will...



A new clip has been released from director David Cronenberg’s daughter Caitlin Cronenberg’s brand new film ‘Humane’ which is a dark satire set in...

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