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Something in the Water Something in the Water


The upcoming shark horror film ‘Something in the Water’ from director Hayley Easton Street is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the United Kingdom...

Blackout Blackout


A brand new trailer has arrived for Larry Fessenden’s upcoming werewolf horror movie ‘Blackout’ which is currently slated to arrive in theaters in New...

Borderlands Borderlands


The highly anticipated video-game adaptation ‘Borderlands’ is generating a buzz on gamer social media today and for good reason – brand new images have...

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Withering Rooms


Moonless Formless and publisher Perp Games have officially announced that their upcoming RPG horror game ‘Withering Rooms’ will make it’s arrival on PC, via...

The Animal Kingdom


A brand new trailer has arrived for Thomas Cailley’s brand new film ‘The Animal Kingdom’ which will remind devout horror fans of Clive Barker’s...