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Rebellion Unveils ‘Zombie Army VR’

Zombie Army VR

Rebellion has officially unveiled a brand new horror virtual reality game called ‘Zombie Army VR’ and dropped a brand new trailer to hype it’s arrival, sometime this year, and announcing that fans can add the game to their wish list now.

“Bringing the Zombie Army franchise to VR for the first time, the game will let you experience the fear, thrill and spine-chilling tension of the zombie apocalypse through the immersion of your headset.

Developed in partnership with XR Games, Zombie Army VR will be available on PlayStation® VR2, Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro, Oculus Rift, and PC headsets via Steam in 2024.

Following the story of the Zombie Army series, in Zombie Army VR you return to the field as one of the Deadhunters, an elite squad that is hunting down zombie war criminals. You will fight your way through undead hordes near the bombed-out city of Nuremberg and help Hermann Wolff, the Deadhunter’s legendary leader, find his scattered family and fight to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse.

VR brings a new level of immersion to the nail-biting action of the Zombie Army series. Use both hands to aim down the sights of your rifle and line up that perfect shot at range. When things get up close and personal, use each hand independently to dual-wield pistols and submachine guns. You will also need to master reloading drills as the undead masses bear down on you from all sides. Overcoming your nerves and operating under pressure will be crucial if you are to succeed.

To help send the undead scourge back into the abyss, you will have access to an arsenal of authentic World War II weaponry including sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols, and more. You will also need to earn XP to level up your Deadhunter as you fight zombie-infested 1940s Europe, and use Weapon Upgrade kits to modify the range, accuracy, scope, and ammo capacity of your weapons.

Game Features:

• New spine-chilling campaign
• Authentic World War II weaponry and impactful melee combat
• Relive devastating long-range shots with the signature X-ray Kill Cam
• VR enhances the expressive interactions & tactile experience of the Zombie Army franchise
• Player progression and weapon modification
• Slay alone or take the fight online and join a friend for 2 player co-op
• Competitive arcade-style scoring system
• bHaptics and Forcetube support on Quest and PCVR
• Wide range of accessibility features including color blindness, audio, rotation options, and more.

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