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Netflix has finally released the highly anticipates Cargo, starring Martin Freeman, over this weekend and we got a chance to check this film out last night.

Cargo throws you right into the desperate situation of a husband, wife, and baby as they are living (trying to stay alive) while on an old boat.

Rations are slim and life is dangerous for the trio and things take a turn for the worst when Andy (Freeman) comes upon an abandoned boat and decides to pillage it for rations and items.

During his exploration, Andy hears a noise coming from a door in the boat and quickly makes his escape from, what we assume to be, a zombie.

Kay, (Susie Porter), decides that she will explore the boat too, for whatever illogical reason, and she too encounters this zombie, only she is unable to escape from being bitten, and, infected.

This puts a timestamp on Kay’s life and marks as a turning point in the film as her eventual, and unavoidable death, thrusts both Andy and their daughter onto a different path of survival, now making their way towards a military hospital.

This forces the trio to leave the comfort and safety of their boat for the wild and unpredictable journey on land.

Kay eventually succumbs to her infection and now Andy and his daughter are forced to go it alone, but, things take an interesting twist after Andy starts feeling the effects of a bite he received from Kay during her downfall.

This is where the movie starts adding layers to the storyline, with tribes, additional characters, and a villain, Victor, all added to the mix.

Andy and his daughter come across various groups of people all taking their own approach to survival and all taking a different mindset.

While some, such as Victor, believe that the world will return to normalcy and are using this time to build a foundation of power, others, such as Lorraine (Caren Pistorius) seem to have already accepted their fate, and seem to project a miserable and defeated attitude.

Others, such as Thoomi (Simone Landers), prove to be resourceful, determined, strong, and heroic.

While Cargo has it’s points where it can drag a bit, it doesn’t take away from the overall story.

Zombie movies have been done too many times to count, but Cargo takes a fresh approach that doesn’t seem to put itself at the mercy of gore, brutality, and our typical zombie hoard.

Instead, Cargo focuses on the story of humanity and the tough choices that lie ahead, putting the importance, and focus, on making decisions that impact loved ones, even if it means putting your own life in danger.

Where Andy takes an “at any means necessary” approach to ensuring the safety of his daughter first, and himself, other families choose to accept their fate and take the path of suicide to avoid an infection.

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Cargo will likely have a long run on Netflix and shows off Netflix's renewed focus on the horror genre, and this particular film is an example of things trending in the right direction.
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Netflix’s ‘Haunted’ Features Real People Telling Personal Horror Stories



Netflix is preparing for the release of ‘Haunted’ which features a first hand account of some very scary encounters with the paranormal, and ahead of it’s premier on the streaming service on October 19th, Netflix has dropped the following trailer.

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Netflix Releases New Clip for ‘Malevolent’



This Friday will mark the premier of a number of horror movies, so you better catch up on your sleep as there will be a lot on your horror movie plate this weekend, and Netflix has released a brand new clip of their flick ‘Malevolent’ which drops October 5th.

Per the synopsis:

“Brother and sister team Angela (Pugh) and Jackson (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) are nothing more than scam artists. Preying on the grief-stricken and the vulnerable, they convince the bereaved that Angela has the ability to contact the dead. It’s a simple con, until Mrs. Green (Celia Imrie) summons the pair to her home — the orphanage that was once stage to a string of murders of young girls — and Angela grows less and less certain of what’s actually real. The fake paranormal investigators suffer the ultimate reality check when they are confronted by the true horrors and terrifying past that lie hidden within the haunted orphanage.”

A brand new clip has arrived, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, which you can see below.


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REVIEW: Hold the Dark



Netflix’s ‘Hold the Dark’ is not your traditional horror movie, but the undertone of Dustin Garneau’s movie starring Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgard, James Badge Dale, and Riley Keough is of a dreadful, dark, sinister secret that holds a town within it’s grasp.

The majestic Alaskan landscapes are speckled with a horror that seems, at first glance, attributed to wolves, who we are led to believe are preying on young children who steer too far into the woods.

The synopsis says, “Summoned to a remote Alaskan village to search for the wolves that killed three children, a wolf expert soon finds himself unravelling a harrowing mystery.”

The story centers on wolf expert Russell Core (Wright) who answers a call up to the Alaskan wilderness by grieving mother Medora Sloane (Keough) to hunt down the wolves that she believes are responsible for the death of her son.

A twist turns her husband, Vernon, who just returned from a tour in Iraq, into a revenge-thirsty hunter who goes to a dark place to hunt down and kill who is responsible for his son’s death.

The movie has a lot of surprises hidden in it’s slow, methodical pace, and includes betrayal, a massacre, shootouts, murder, incest, and the reuniting of long-lost family members.

While Hold the Dark’s plot is interesting, and the acting is strong, the movie’s dull pace slows down any momentum the plot builds with it’s endless twists, turns, and wrinkles. All in all, it’s a solid movie, but one that can lose a viewer with it’s pacing.

If you’re wide awake, then this movie is worth it, otherwise the slow pace may lull you to sleep before you get to the meaty parts of the film’s plot.

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While Hold the Dark's plot is interesting, and the acting is strong, the movie's dull pace slows down any momentum the plot builds with it's endless twists, turns, and wrinkles. All in all, it's a solid movie, but one that can lose a viewer with it's pacing.
Fright Nerd Score60
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