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REVIEW: Our House



IFC Midnight once again delivers with it’s dedication to the horror genre, and their latest release, Anthony Scott-Burns’ ‘Our House‘, is another example of that dedication.

The movie tells the story of a science student, Ethan (Thomas Mann) who is using his genius to attempt to build a machine, along with his classmates and girlfriend Hannah (Nicola Peltz), that allows objects to be charged with electricity wirelessly.

Ethan puts spending quality time with his mother, father, younger brother and sister, on the backburner in lieu of his experiment’s development and even cuts a trip home from college short, so he can go test his machine at the university.

While leaving his home visit early, Ethan also skips out on his promised responsibility of taking his younger sister, Becca (Kate Moyer), to swimming lessons, leaving it to his parents instead.

Tragically, Ethan’s parents die in a car crash forcing Ethan to take over caring for his siblings, while working on his project, which he now brought home to work on.

As the family struggles to cope with the loss of their parents, the machine somehow conjures paranormal activity, that is interpreted to be their parents, at first.

As the movie progresses it becomes more obvious that the spirits communicating with Ethan, Becca, and their brother Matt (Percy Hynes White), is not their parents, and is something potentially sinister.

The movie spends a good deal of the movie building the story, which allows the viewer to develop sympathy and empathy with the main characters.

Thomas Mann does a solid job in his role as Etha, as does Moyer for her portrayal of Becca, but Nicola Peltz seemed like a zombie in playing her part, void of emotion, and putting off a mundane performance that takes away from one of the main characters of the story, and someone who is supposed to be a supportive significant other of one of the main characters.

The movie is solid, and does a good job at telling an engaging story, but the lack of scares really hold this film back from being more than ordinary.

Things kick up to another notch towards the end, but it feels that this film left a lot on the table in terms of scares, as they did a phenomenal job setting the plot up for something “big”.

Fright Nerd Score
60 frights
It's disappointing to feel that this flick had potential to be much more, but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a solid watch and worth a rental.
Fright Nerd Score60


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‘American Exorcist’ Arrives this October



Just in time for the Christmas season rush, the holiday horror film ‘American Exorcist’ is set to arrive in October to help you celebrate Halloween and toast that good ole’ Christmas cheer, and it stars horror movie icon Bill Moseley.

Per the synopsis:

“A paranormal investigator is trapped inside a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve. The skeptical scientist, Georgette Dubois, is horrified once confronted with the reality of the supernatural. She risks life and limb to escape her ghoulish prison, stranded on the top floor.”

The film is set to arrive on October 26th.

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Christine Elise Talks ‘Child’s Play’ Remake



Christina Elise knows a thing or two about the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise, as she was the star of Child’s Play 2 and Cult of Chucky, and she is sharing her thoughts on the upcoming remake of the original Child’s Play, which will be directed by Lars Klevberg.

The reboot marks a clean slate for the franchise, as the film will be moving forward without the involvement of creator Don Mancini, who is busy with a television series for Universal, and with Chucky now being a robotic doll.

“I think it’s an unbelievably huge dick move. I think it’s a douche move absolutely,” Elise said, in an interview with Horror Geek Life. “I don’t know why they would fuck with a healthy franchise. To make a competing franchise with an existing, and like you said healthy, robust franchise is super douchey. And nobody from the original franchise is involved; they’re not gonna have Brad Dourif, they’re not gonna have Don, and they’re not gonna have any of us.”

Elise also has her own thoughts of what the film will have in store.

“I think the doll is going to be an artificial intelligence doll that goes haywire, so it’s not going to have the whole element of the serial killer possessing it, et cetera, so it’s not going to be, really, a Chucky film” Elise continued.

“So, I don’t know why they’re just taking the title and stealing it and mucking up the waters. It’s especially douchey when you know that Don is developing a TV series and going back to using the title Child’s Play; not Bride of, Seed of, Curse of, Cult of Chucky, it’s going back to the Child’s Play name and it’s deep into development.

So, this MGM project could have, it hasn’t but it could have, really, easily derailed the TV show project, which would be devastating, because fingers crossed it happens and fingers crossed I’m involved in it, as much as I would like to be. It’s an opportunity here where Don can further a story he’s been telling for 30 years, but rather than tell it in 90-minute segments every three years or more, he can tell 10 hours of story in 10 weeks, he can get that much more story ahead. And if you’ve seen Cult and you see how Cult ends, you know how rich in story it is, there’s so many doors open now, and to so insensitively threaten the Don Mancini empire I think, is fucked up.”

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Teaser Trailer for ‘Rabid Grannies’ Sequel Has Arrived



Yes, in all it’s debaucherous glory, Troma’s 1988 horror-comedy ‘Rabid Grannies’ is getting a long-awaited sequel, according to an announcement earlier this week from SGL Entertainment.

“Ravenshore is the long awaited sequel and the story begins 30 years later. Christopher remained the sole heir of the family fortune and name, and Christopher suddenly becomes a very wealthy man. There is only one condition to it all, he has to take care of the grannies graves for the term of his natural life.

Look for Rabid Grannies II: Ravenshore to be released in 2019 in the USA and Canada on Blu-ray, DVD and the Top VOD Platforms like Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes Movies as well as Cable TV via SGL Entertainment and our partners MVD visual and Premiere Digital.”

The sequel is directed and produced by Johan Vandewoestijne and stars Ignace Paepe. No release date has been confirmed as of yet.

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